Majoring in Chinese Language and Literature

Introduction to the Chinese Language and Literature Major

The major in Chinese language and literature prepares students to handle a broad spectrum of Chinese language materials and to communicate in Chinese on a wide array of topics. Since the ability to read literary texts signals the highest degree of language competence, our students are required to take courses in Chinese literature including one course in Classical Chinese as well as courses on literature in translation.


  • The average grade of C or higher for the first two years of Chinese language instruction (CHIN 1010-1020, CHIN 2010-2020, including CHIN 2060).
  • EAST 1010 with a grade of C or higher.

Requirements:  30 credits courses with the following distribution

  • 18 credits in Chinese language courses at the 3000 level and higher. Two credits earned through Shea House may be counted toward this requirement.
  • 6 credits consisting of two survey courses in Chinese literature in translation (Traditional and Modern): CHTR 3010 and CHTR 3020.
  • 3 credits in one course introducing classical Chinese (CHIN 4840)
  • A departmental capstone course in non-survey Chinese literature or culture. Students must obtain official permission from the instructor to count the course toward the capstone requirement by the end of the first week of the semester. Independent study may not substitute. Distinguished Major theses fulfill the capstone requirement. 
  • a maximum of 15 study abroad credits and domestic transfer credits are allowed at the discretion of the student’s advisor;
  • students in this major must maintain a satisfactory grade point in the major and related courses each semester; satisfactory is defined as an average of C (i.e., 2.0); students not maintaining this grade point are subject to discontinuation from the major.
  • students who wish to double major are reminded that only two courses may count towards both majors


To download forms related to the major, click here. Our declaration worksheets, capstone completion forms, and DMP forms are all housed on this page. 

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