Vacancies for Shea House 2015

There are several vacancies for Shea House for Spring 2015. If you are interested in living at Shea House, please contact the director to indicate your interest. 

8 doubles and 1 single available.




New Shea House LA Introductions Page is Up

We've added a new page to our website, introducing this academic year's Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Language Assistants for the Shea House. Please check it out here to find out more information about this year's LAs. 


Shea House Deadlines

Just a reminder that Shea House applications for new residents are due by November 14, 2014. Additionally, LA applications are also due on this date. Please see this webpage for more information.


Prof. Gus Heldt's New Translation Nominated for Award

Professor Heldt's translation of the Kojiki has been nominated for the PEN Translation Prize. The PEN Prize is an award for book-length translations (from any language into English).

Professor Heldt's translation is also currently a best-seller in the categories of Shinto religion, Japanese literature, and Asian literature on Amazon.

Please join us in congratulating Professor Heldt!


Prof. Anne Kinney's Book Nominated for PEN Prize

Professor Anne Kinney's book entitled Exemplary Women of Early China was recently nominated for the PEN Translation Prize from PEN America Center. The PEN Prize is an award for book-length translations (into English) from any language.  

Please join us in congratulating Professor Kinney!


Shea House Applications for Next Year

Students interested in living in Shea House next year: please see this flyer for more information!

Contact Tomoko Marshall with questions. 


EAC Events for Fall Semester

Please see the attached flyer here for a list of upcoming East Asia Center lectures. Our website will be updated soon with this information in the "events" section.


Japanese Vacancies in Shea House

Shea House currently has Japanese and Arabic vacancies. If you're interested in applying, please email Ahmad Obiedat for more information.


Chinese Language Student Russell Bogue Featured in UVA Today Article

Back in August, UVA Today wrote an article about Russell Bogue, a Chinese language and Foreign Affairs student. Click here to read the article about Russell's journey to Taipei where he spent time collecting political opinions from young people.