DEALLC holds a small departmental graduation ceremony every year which our majors can choose to attend. Students may attend the DEALLC graduation ceremony even if they are a second major within our department. This page will house information pertaining to each year's ceremony, as well as a few frequently asked questions. If you have further questions, please contact the Administrative Coordinator

DEALLC's 2014 Graduation Ceremony

Date: Sunday, May 18th, 2014

Time: 3:00 PM

Location: Nau Auditorium

Who is invited?: Any student with a major (or second major) in our department, as well as family and friends

Students: Please RSVP to the email invitation you received so we know how many to expect! Tickets are not required.

Graduation FAQ:

1. When is DEALLC's graduation ceremony?
The date, time, and location of the ceremony will fluctuate from year to year. Students who have applied to graduate and who have completed a major or second major in our department will receive an email invitation to the ceremony as soon as the information becomes available. The information will also be posted above, usually by mid-February of each year.

2. How many people can I bring?
As of right now, we have a large space to hold our ceremony, so we are not limiting how many guests students can bring. We do ask, however, that your RSVP with your estimated number of guests to the email invitation you received from the department. 

3. Are tickets required?
No, at this time we are not requiring tickets for the event. However, please RSVP to your email invitation and indicate how many guests you will bring so we know what to expect.

4. Is there a reception after the ceremony?
Yes, there will be a small reception after the DEALLC ceremony, usually just outside the ceremony space. DEALLC will provide light refreshments and you and your guests are welcomed to stay until the next graduation ceremony takes place, usually 30 minutes after ours. 

5. What if I'm a double major?
If you hold a second major in our department, you will receive your real diploma at the graduation ceremony for your first major. However, you are still welcome to attend the DEALLC ceremony, where you can still walk but receive a blank diploma instead. If you do not attend your first major's ceremony, you can pick up your real diploma the following day in Carruthers Hall. 

6. Will I receive my real diploma at the ceremony?
You will receive your real diploma during the DEALLC ceremony if you are not a second major in our department. If your second major is in our department, but your first major is elsewhere, you will receive your diploma in your home department. 

7. Where should I park?
Students, their families, and guests are asked to find their own parking spaces. Permits are not issued by our department, and it is likely most guests will need to park in a large lot and take the bus to the ceremony. 

8. Should I arrive early?
We ask that you arrive around 15 minutes early so that we can put you in order and explain how the ceremony will work. As we share our ceremony space with other departments, if you arrive too early, there may still be a ceremony taking place. Please wait outside and do not enter until you are asked to do so by a coordinator from DEALLC. As we are a small department, it will be easy to get everyone organized quickly right before the ceremony starts. 

9. Is there a rehearsal?
No, there is no rehearsal for the ceremony.